Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little piece of art.... isn't it Spry!

While we were waiting in the Denver airport for an hour I decided to look around. I went into an artwork store called Avilar (it reminded me of Poppy in downtown Columbia). They had some really neat things and I found several things I wanted. So as I am looking from floor to ceiling at all of the really cool stuff I just happen to notice this area full of robots that were made out to antique things. The larger robot in the back caught my eye! It had my name all over it.... no really.... see it has a Spry container for it's mid-section. How cool is that! I have a glass container that I got from Grandma Ruby that is a Spry container but have never seen another. So I wanted to know how much this little guy was.... he was $600! It was really cool but not something I want or need..... just nice to know that Spry's are everywhere! LOL! :)

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