Monday, July 12, 2010


Brandon and I took a little trip to Colorado from July 8-11, 2010. A good friend of ours, Paul Lear, was getting married and we wanted to be there to help celebrate this special occasion! Paul and his woman, Whitnee, lives in Montrose, Colorado and we were able to fly into their airport which was 10-15 minutes from their house. Paul, Whitnee, Shane, Elaine and Connor came and got us and we all went to Chili's for dinner. We got up the next morning and headed to Delta then over to Olathe, CO. Brandon and I just couldn't believe the amazing view that was constantly around us! Our travels took us to Ridgeway, CO and ate at True Grit Cafe which was a John Wayne inspired cafe ( The movie True Grit was filmed in that town and Brandon is a huge John Wayne fan! This picture was taken on the way to the meadow that Paul and Whitnee got married at. They call this spot the little Grand Canyon. It was an amazing trip and we can't wait to go back!

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