Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ambassador Cardinals Trip 2010

This was the second year the Chamber Ambassadors decided to take a trip to St. Louis to take in a Cardinals game. I took my momma as my guest and what a great time! Tony, our bus driver from MO X, was great! It started raining about Truxton and poured down rain. We left Columbia around 4:00 pm and arrived at the stadium at 7:45 pm! We all laughed alot on the way up there.... from the beer/snack hostess, to the tractor trailer driver, Buddy Head, playing his guitar while driving, to the flooding waters guy telling the TV camera how it all happened to laughing at and with Dennis Lynch..... but we could have shortened the bus ride by an hour or so! Cards beat the Phillies 5-1 and they are on their 8th game winning streak! What a great time with some great people! I love our Chamber! Go Cards!

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