Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today's Garage Sale

Yesterday and today we had a huge garage sale. It was not your normal garage sale because this sale was to sell the rest of Grandma Ruby's things. It was bitter sweet.... I was sad to have to put her remaining things out for sale yet at the same time I could see how excited people were to purchase them. I know she would have been proud to know that her things would go to a good home. I would randomly ask what they might do with some of the items... one woman said she wanted grandma's old chair to put around a farm table she recently purchased. She wanted mis-matched chairs as a conversation piece. Another woman wanted a red wagon to put in her yard to put flowers in (just like grandma had done). Another woman was purchasing some of the glassware for gifts... when a special birthday came up she was going to fill a dish with homemade goodies and give as a gift. I know this would have pleased grandma knowing that everything wasn't just taken to the Goodwill and dumped off and that her "junk", as she often called it, would mean something to others. We may sell material things in life but we can never sell the memories.....

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