Friday, April 23, 2010

I was so excited to get my boxes yesterday! I love this website! I have a hard time finding the Downy Total Care Fabric Softener that I like (Walmart doesn't sell it and Target is always out of it) so I found this way cool site. It saves me a ton of money! How you might ask... well how many times do you go to Walmart or Target for let's say 3 things and come out with $100 worth of products? Well I simply do my shopping on their super easy site and if there is coupons for a product (they let you know with a little coupon next to the item) they use it. I ordered some Cheer, Downy, Caress Body Wash, and some razors and they ship right to my door.... for free (shipping that is). So nice not having to run to the store just for one or two items. They have almost everything you can imagine.... set up a free account today at

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