Saturday, April 24, 2010

Changing The Odds

I had the most wonderful day today.... I got to spend the day with my wonderful, caring, thoughtful, and loving Chaning The Odds committee members during my last seminar as a co-chair. I have been a co-chair since July 1, 2008 and will step down to allow another member to come in as a co-chair on July 1, 2010. It has been an amazing 2 years! Our mission for the past 12 years is to help women re-enter the work force. We give them the tools/resources to help them with finding a job/career. The Missouri Career Center donated their building and Janice Dawson-Threat was teaching a Career Development Activity. This was just enough to give a sample of what she does. We had a great ice-breaker activity similar to "Go Fish" with words that discribed yourself. We then had an Interview Skills lesson taught by Cheryl Edington and Rae Lee talked about Professionalism in the Workforce. We were lucky to have a guest speaker that attended our seminar in October 2009 and was blessed to find a job. She told us about her journey. Everyone did an AMAZING job today! I am the happiest when I am around women that enjoy helping other women and I love to see them smile! This is only a part of the women in our committee but they are truly amazing! I love the mission of this committee and all that it does... thank you (no certain order) Barb, Tami, Connie, Janice, Rae, Virna, Cheryl, Crystal, Denise, Karen, Cindy, Valerie, and Marilyn.... this has been a very memoriable day for me!

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