Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My first tattoo

Well yesterday I went and got my first tattoo... no it wasn't your traditional tattoo it was permanent eyeliner! After having Lasik eye surgery 5 years ago my eyes water when I am out in the sun and my eye make-up is smeared everywhere so I decided to give this permanent make-up a try. My eyes are still swollen and tender (I won't lie... it hurt like heck!) and once the remaining ink comes off it should be a nice soft thin eyeliner. (You can't wash your eye area with soap and water for 3 days so in a few days it will be really nice!) No I am not crying in the picture... you have to keep A&D ointment on the tattoo so that it doesn't scab or get crusty and will help with the healing process... thank goodness for the allergies right now... everyone asks if the allergies are getting to me.. LOL! It was a strange process (2 hours long) to go through but I think I will like it! If you are interested in eyeliner call Natural Nail Care and talk to Jessica!

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