Monday, January 12, 2015

Stephanie's Wedding Dress Shopping Day 2 & A Party!

November 8, 2014 ~ We added a few more wild and crazy people to Stephanie's Wedding Dress Shopping adventure! After a somewhat stressful first day of dress shopping Stephanie was ready to find the perfect dress that she could say YES to! After all, Justin and Stephanie's engagement party would be later tonight so it had to be a great day!

 Stephanie's friend Gregory James flew in from Chicago to be apart of this special day! He is nothing short of a hot mess as he kept us laughing the whole day... seriously he was hilarious! You could tell everyone was glad that he was back to help celebrate with our very special couple!

Stephanie had made an appointment with one bridal shop in downtown Kansas City, MO. As we were getting ready to cross the street I looked down at the record laying in the road.... "Just Once In My Life" meant that she was going to find the perfect dress and a gentle reminder we are in the right spot! I love stuff like this! 

Our little diva filling out a little paperwork to help select dresses that are her style!

Stephanie's bridal assistant was AWESOME!!!
She listened to what she wanted (and didn't want) and helped her to stay in budget!

The best part was Grandma Gayle and Aunt Susie was able to be here!
(Since she didn't find "the dress" yesterday we just knew today would be the day!)

After all, they did serve mimosa's!
Let's get this party started!

 Get this hair up and let's try on some dresses!

Stephanie tried on the first dress at this shop and I love the reaction from everyone!

 I think they are enjoying the show! Crazy kids!

Stephanie was really having fun at this shop...

and getting closer to finding "the dress"....

while having fun trying on dresses she knew wouldn't work but enjoying this day with her friends and family! She had everyone laughing and even showed them some of her dance floor moves! Ha! 

After several dresses it was time for Stephanie to "Say Yes To A Dress"!
Everyone was talking about which dress she might pick.....

After a morning of trying on flowery things,

pretty things,

and sparkly things.... It was finally time to pick out her dress!

It wasn't an easy decision....

but I think with everyone's expressions she picked the perfect dress!

While I can't show you the dress I can tell you that Stephanie is going to be a stunning bride and Justin I sure hope you can handle this smokin' hot new wife you are about to see strolling down the isle in September 2015!

 Judy Daly
Mother of the Bride

Susie Sapp
Aunt of the Bride
(Twin sister to Stephanie's dad)

Gayle Daly
(Grandma of the Bride)

Natalie Kleopfer
(Maid of Honor)

Jordan Huddleston

Erica Higgins

Logan McCollum

Gregory James
(Friend of the Bride)

Stephanie & I
(Wedding Coordinator... basically keeping Stephanie calm and organized!)

Girls just wanna have fun!

Signing on the dotted line.... it's official that Stephanie has her dress!

Now getting married seems real!

Now that the wedding dress shopping is complete it's time to have an engagement party!
Stephanie and Justin's engagement party was thrown by the Maid of Honor, Natalie Kleopfer and was held at The Library Lofts in downtown Kansas City, MO!

 Everyone making everything perfect!

The reason we are here.... the future Mr. and Mrs.

 Bride and Groom with Groom's Parents!

They visited with friends....
played games....
took selfies....
and photobombed pictures!

Natalie gave the toast and I didn't get many photos as it was recorded.
She did a great job and I think everyone that was at their engagement party knew this was a pretty special couple and couldn't wait until their wedding day!

Justin with his guys!
(missing 2 groomsmen from Colorado)

Stephanie and her girls!
(Yep, you counted them... 9 total!)

So I got a little creative ..... Yep I even amaze myself sometimes!
Can't wait until September 12, 2015!

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