Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Stephanie's Wedding Dress Shopping Day 1!

November 7, 2014 ~ So my little diva cousin, Stephanie is getting married! You might remember this super sneaky occasion as I posted about it on my blog!  You can click on the following link: http://www.thelongdirtroad10.blogspot.com/2014/04/a-surprise-engagement-justin-stephanie.html

So I jumped in the car with her momma and my Aunt Judy along with one of Stephanie's friends and bridesmaids, Logan and headed for Kansas City! Reminds me of a song from Fats Domino....
"I'm going to Kansas City
Kansas City, here I come
I'm going to Kansas City
Kansas City, here I come
They got some crazy little women there
And I'm gonna take photos of some!"

So I might have changed the last two pieces to fit into this little adventure!  After all we are dealing with wedding dresses, an engagement party and lots of fun!

Oh yes we did! 
You can't go to Kansas City with out stopping at Krispy Kreme! 
(Logan had never tasted one before.... Seriously? How is this even possible?)

Stephanie had 3 appointments with 3 different shops to try on wedding dresses. Stephanie wanted to include her Grandma Gayle and Aunt Susie in her special day and what a great way to get the party started by finding that perfect dress!

 (Stephanie's dad was killed in a car accident when she was 2 1/2 years old. He was a twin and his sister, Susie and mother Gayle would proudly be there for this day. I know her daddy would have been so proud of the woman she has become!) 

Everyone listening to Judy about the budget they want to stay in! Ha! 
(This was just a fun picture that I can only imagine she was saying!) 

Stephanie had a fun time trying on all kinds of dresses. 
No matter the style she will make a beautiful bride! 

Judy Daly
(Stephanie's momma)

Linda Secrist 
(Justin's momma)

Grandma Gayle Daly
(Stephanie's dad's momma)

Aunt Susie Sapp
(Stephanie's dad's twin sister)

 Logan McCollum
(Stephanie's friend and one of her bridesmaids)

All done at shop number 1! 
(Now y'all know I can't show you any dresses but she narrowed it down to one favorite at this shop!)

Ready to check out shop number 2! 

Waiting to see what dresses Stephanie picks out from this cute shop! 

This picture cracks me up! 
Not sure what either one is thinking but it's so serious! 

After picking out several dresses I think it's time to try them on!

 Another fun trip of trying all different styles of dresses! 

I love the looks on everyone's faces... Stephanie looked stunning! 

All done with shop number 2! 
(Yep she even found a favorite at this shop!) 

Finally it's lunch time! 
All of this shopping had us ready to eat! 

So after lunch Stephanie really liked one of the first dresses that she tried on and wanted to go try it on again to decide. When we went back to the first shop the lady was totally different and tried to pressure her into buying the dress. The pushy attitude and her whole demeanor made this decision super easy... to keep looking!  Stephanie was bummed but pissed at the same time. She didn't want to make a decision on a major piece of her wedding day because they gave her a "good deal" for that day only. Everything happens for a reason and we still have one more shop for today and another for tomorrow to see what they might have!

 Ready for shop number 3! 
Stephanie's friend and another bridesmaid, Jordan Huddleston joined us for this one! 
(We had a pep talk in the parking lot and felt like we needed to have fun and not worry about the other lady that had a bad attitude. This shop might just have "the dress" so we needed to just enjoy!

We already liked this place a lot! 

While they went to find dresses that Stephanie would like to try on they were looking through the expensive dresses to see if anything popped out at her! (Pretty sure Judy would have had a heart attack if she had found one!) 

Pretty sure Stephanie liked what they picked out! 
Let's get to trying dresses on! 

 No wedding dress would be complete without awesome socks! Ha!

 Stephanie had a lot of fun trying on wedding dresses at this shop! 

 After trying on nearly 40 dresses Stephanie was on "Wedding Dress Overload". She fell in love with a few dresses but nothing just yet wanted to make her say "Yes To The Dress"!  Guess we'll just keep looking and hopefully we will find "the one" tomorrow!

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