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Our Trip to Maui, Hawaii.... Part 3!

November 25, 2014 ~ Another day in paradise! I've got a funny story for you.... So each morning we would all meet out on the balcony and listen to the ocean and wait until the sun is up before getting ready to get our day started. So I had went inside to get ready, mom was in her room finishing up and Brandon was standing in the kitchen. I looked out the glass sliding door and spotted a rainbow. I was so excited to get a picture of the rainbow that I grabbed my camera and was almost in a dead run for the balcony.... you all see where this is going.... I smacked right into the closed glass door just like a Windex commercial... BAM! No one saw me but they certainly heard me! I am still laughing on this one! (No my camera did not get hurt during this altercation with the glass door but I still can't believe it didn't break the door!)

In Hawaii a rainbow can disappear as quickly as it appears. This one stayed for a while then lightened up and got dark again before disappearing. I really wanted to see a white rainbow during our trip.

All ready for another Hawaiian adventure!

So we have seen most of the island while staying in Maui but we haven't seen the West side. We figured we would take off and see where we ended up. It's amazing to see this side of Maui and how different it looks from other parts of the island.
(Plus this side has a disclaimer that if you travel along a certain spot with your rental car your contract will be void... that's all Brandon needed to know and he was ready to go!)

Yep you guessed it....
Now we are having fun! These are the roads heading from Honokohau/Kahakuloa to Waihee that your rental car contracts have a disclaimer in.... just in case you were wondering what the roads looked like in that area. There was only one other car on the road in front of us.
(They weren't bad and if they weren't paved I can imagine it would be horrible on a rainy day.)
Yep they had plenty of one lane bridges too!
A couple of the snack shops along the way.
 This was a cute little church that I wanted to stop and get a picture at but there were several people outside so we didn't want them to think we were completely crazy!
Looks like we are headed up that way next!
"Martha, buckle your seat belt sugar!"
 The view from the other side!
See I told you it was a cute little church!

As we traveled along the other side it was strange that it seemed like Colorado with the trees and cattle. Strange how I don't think of Maui as cattle farming but cool to see.

Up around the corner we found this wall.
You see stickers on all the signs so that wasn't something new but I have never seen a wall with names like this before. Kind of cool.
Still love the different plants/flowers out here!

Critters we saw along this route....
Why did the chicken cross the road?
(Go ahead and stop me if you've heard this one!)
This peacock is calling out to the other critters...
"They are coming.... I repeat.... They are coming!"
We even saw a couple giraffe's...
(Ok so they were not real but they were neat to see!)
When you saw these signs they weren't kidding!

After our little adventure it put us back in Pala, Hawaii!
It's a cute little town with lots of shops and this little restaurant!
Willie Nelson stopped her for breakfast one morning and the owner became good friends with him which explains why there is so much Willie Nelson memorabilia in this restaurant.

After lunch we headed back towards the condo.
We pulled over to take a few pictures....
I wanted to see this lighthouse up close....
and tried to get a photo of us but it was so dang windy!
(Which explains why they had wind generators / windmills... those babies were always spinning!)

When we got back to the condo mom wanted to take a nap and Brandon wanted to watch TV. I knew if I laid down I would sleep for several hours so I decided to take a walk on our beach and look for shells and sea glass. So I walked all the way down the beach and found a sea turtle laying on the beach so I had to walk/run back to the condo to get my camera and Brandon.... geez Michele!
When I first saw it I didn't know if it was real. You know, sometimes they have sculptures like this on beaches but as I got closer I knew it was real.
 Such a cool thing to see!
Brandon and I decided to walk back to the condo and change into our suits and play in the ocean while momma slept. We didn't have a long time to play in the ocean but we couldn't come to Maui and not give it a try!
Brandon and I had a lot of fun! The ocean was rough and it through us around like little rag dolls. The sad part is that we didn't get in the water past our waist but the waves were crashing so hard it would throw us on the beach. At one point the waves took me under the water and as I came up for air another set of waves hit me knocking me into a huge piece of rock/coral and whacking my knee on it. Oh my goodness it hurt so bad! I was worried I actually broke my knee cap because I couldn't move my leg and it hurt so bad. (This would have killed an ordinary person) I finally got up and found that a piece was buried in my knee .... getting it out hurt like heck!

The sunsets are gorgeous here! Listening to the birds, the waves and enjoying the view with the ones I love.... doesn't get much better than that!

It's was time to see a little Elvis that is performed by Darren Lee!
We were upgraded from these tickets to VIP tickets.... Woo Hoo!
(Oh yes I did! Maui Kay had reserved our tickets but pricing had changed so when I showed them the receipt they quickly took care of us and gave us the VIP package! Hang onto your receipts y'all!) 
Let's get this show started!
This was an awesome show and I highly recommend seeing it if you are ever in Maui! Darren Lee has been performing Elvis since he was 15 years old. He won the 1997 World Elvis Competition in Memphis, Tennessee and recently finished the longest running Elvis show in the history of Las Vegas. He is thrilled to be able to carry on Elvis’ legacy and love for Hawaii with Burn’n Love!

He was a really nice guy and it was interesting listening to his life and how he got to where he is today. A very humble guy that moved his wife and 3-year old twin girls to Maui and enjoys performing for people several nights a week. 

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