Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alexis Spicer's 1st Birthday!

December 7, 2014 ~ Today we would be celebrating a very special birthday.... This sweet little girl turned one year old on December 2nd but today was her actual birthday party! Her momma and daddy wanted to make her first birthday a special one so plans have been in the works for months trying to make sure nothing is forgotten!

Roni wanted to do something a little different and go with pink and green stuff and not any type of theme for Alexis' birthday party. I love how everything turned out! 

 Alexis and her momma!

Alexis and her daddy! 

She was loving her party and was into everything! 
She loved this cute little table and chairs!

She kept everyone laughing even when it was time to eat! 

She loved opening her presents too! 

She was trying to figure out why everyone was singing to her!

Cake time! 
We weren't sure if she would tear into her cake or not but she loved it!

All in all I think she had a pretty good birthday and thanks to many friends and family she has enough toys and clothes to last for a long time! She did really good but towards the end she was so over all of this party stuff ! She's a pretty special little girl and it's hard to believe how quickly the year went... I feels like yesterday since she was born. 

Happy 1st Birthday Alexis! 

Momma and daddy... y'all did good!

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