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Girls Trip to Indiana!

November 15, 2014 ~ So by now y'all know I love a good adventure so I grabbed my bestie and my momma jumped a plane and headed for Hammond, Indiana via Chicago! What the heck would we be doing in Hammond, Indiana one might ask? Well Misty Lynn's favorite movie of all time is "A Christmas Story" and well if you didn't know Jean Shepherd narrated and co-wrote this story (then movie) which was based on his childhood growing up in Hammond.

In honor of Jean, the Indiana Welcome Center hosts "A Christmas Story Comes Home" exhibit every November and December and you guessed it.... I wanted to take her on an adventure to see this exhibit and maybe a little junkin'! 

We made it! 
Indiana Welcome Center
Hammond, Indiana
Let's head inside.....
When you walked in there were 50-ish Christmas trees decorated in different themes for different organizations and/or businesses. It was really cool to see some of the designs and they asked everyone to vote on their favorite one before you left.

Of course we all voted for this one....
"Gold Star Mothers"

We present to you the famous leg lamp! 

Now for the exhibit.....

Misty was in heaven! She loved the exhibit and loved visiting this place but as we all know.... Michele doesn't sit still very long so it's time to head to the next stop on our adventure! 

I had to take Misty to Gary, Indiana to see the childhood home of pop star, Michael Jackson! 
We didn't stay very long but she was happy she got to see this place! 

Now it's time for some junkin'! 
Hey sugars, what do you want for lunch?
We've got Martha ready to roll you out some fresh biscuits!
(Misty wasn't going to play along ....) 
Martha: "Oh look girls... it's Missouri Tigers"
Misty: "That ain't Missouri Tigers that's Michigan"
{Martha looking again}
Martha: "Well it's got the big M for Mizzou and it's black and gold"
{Misty and Michele laughing} 
Michele: "Martha... it's blue and yellow"
Martha: "Oh well.... we ready to go yet?"

 We loved this little shop and they had some awesome things in the store. 
Everyone who knows me knows that Grandma Ruby loved hummingbirds and every time I see one I think of her. Mom saw this and thought I needed it... I absolutely love it! Around the side of this piece it says "Don't get your feathers ruffled over little things. Just wing it. - Anonymous"

In case you are wondering what these are and who makes them here's the information....
(I really want "Saddle Up" and "In Tune")

Probably my most favorite thing in this store was the back wall! Totally made of random doors in different colors, textures and designs.... Crazy yes but I do love stuff like this! 

There was a fun little store next door that we enjoyed too!
(Seriously I don't think Indiana knew we were coming!)

Next stop was Valparaiso, Indiana to see our buddy Orville Redenbacher!

I think he was happy to see us!

It was time to get serious about junkin'....
We stumbled upon a 3-story antique mall...

I found an old scale at a smoking deal so I had to have it!
Even found an old typewriter too!
(no worries y'all... I would resort to hand writing things before using this)
The best part is I spotted Ralphie in the front window at the antique mall... I was so slick that Misty didn't even notice it was gone and I gave it to her at the FedEx store when we were shipping the first round of stuff home! She LOVED him!

So the next morning we had a little time to kill before the antique shops opened and what else is there to do other than have a little fun with the things around this town!

 I mean it's not everyday you see a tank...
So we might or might not have drove through a jail parking lot to get around to this sign because pulling over on the side of the road was too dangerous! Oh my goodness... Hot Mess!
Oh you know... just hanging with a big dog!

So we have heard about this place by several people when asking what we should see and do (and even had a coupon) so we figured we better check it out!

 Look at all this yummy-ness!
(and you get to try samples of anything... gummy bears are awesome!)
I know it's hard to see but this is a 50' chocolate fountain!
These cutie pa-tooties reminded me of Misty and I!

Michele's got a squeeze box and no one can sleep at night!
Look y'all... I found me in a previous life!
Ain't he a cute little feller?!?!
Oh snap! Martha's found a new hat!
This was a cool antique shop and I loved their front counter!

The two Leo's!
 Sadly, our fun adventure is coming to an end....
 What a fun trip with two amazing ladies whom I do love!
Until the next trip....

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