Thursday, May 23, 2013

West Blvd Elementary School ~ Hat Drive

May 13, 2013 ~ I had the pleasure of being a part of a really awesome thing at West Blvd Elementary School today. You see Tom Trabue (yep Mr. T from Tom T's Hat Rack) is doing a lot of really cool things with the school and over the past year they have seen him as he went through his cancer treatments. Most of the kids didn't know he was fighting cancer but they remember thinking "Is this the same Mr. Tom" when he came back from Chile with his daughter at the first of this year and he had hair! Well the kids took this experience and used my book to do something great for our community and announced a hat drive.

Today was the actual assembly that they would give the hats they collected to Ellis Fischel Cancer Hospital and Missouri Cancer Associates for patients that needed a hat to wear while they were going through their treatments. Those amazing students donated 350 hats! What an amazing thing to witness and be apart of!

The Columbia Daily Tribune did a great article covering the great things these students and this school is doing! I am so proud of you all for "Paying It Forward"!

Also KOMU 8 did some coverage on it as well! 

Columbia Public Schools CPS-TV captured the whole assembly! 
(It's long but well worth watching)

Thank you to West Blvd Elementary School and the rock star students and staff for choosing to do something really cool to benefit our community. You don't know how proud I am to see something like this sparked from my book and someone who is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you!

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