Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bailey's Surgery

April 24, 2013 ~ Bailey loves to have her belly rubbed. A few months ago I noticed a little bb sized bump by one of her boobies. I kept a watch on it and even brought it to the vets attention. We decided to keep an eye on it and the moment it started to change we would talk about surgery. A few weeks ago it had changed from one little bb to about 4 little bb's and I noticed a couple other spots that was popping up. I took her over to Horton Animal Hospital and under the care of Dr. Luebbring, she felt we needed to remove them before they became a bigger problem.

Bailey had surgery today. What we thought was going to be a fairly simple surgery (so I thought) it turned into a little more major. Bailey had a mastectomy and they removed 4 other spots that also had this "bb" feeling knot. She had to stay overnight and I went to pick her up the next day. Poor thing was cut up pretty good and yet she was ready to get the heck out of there!

(her head is to the right and the mastectomy is the really red area towards the left)
Poor thing kept trying to lick her incisions and I had to get creative.... She started freaking out with the plastic collar so I cut up one of my Midway Electric, Inc. shirts and put on her! Not sure that she happy about this option either.

Because we were unable to control her pain and she couldn't even sit or lay down we decided that she needed to go back to the vet for the weekend. They had a way to monitor her and give her stronger pain meds which would help a lot. Of course we missed her at home but she needed better care than what we could give her. 

I know it's hard to tell but she was so much better on Monday when we went to pick her up! She would sit and roll over to let you rub her belly. The incisions looked a lot better but there are a couple little spots that look like an infection was starting so they put her on some antibiotics to cover them. You can tell she feels a ton better and is acting more like her old self. 

As you can see by Wednesday they are looking a lot better but still not much improvement (but they aren't worse either) on the couple little infection spots.

As of Thursday morning this is what her incisions looked like. She is healing and it's been a long process but I know in another few weeks she will be back to her normal self. The big knot is because her incisions are in a weird place that caused the skin to bunch in order to close her up.

I can't say how much I really love working with Horton Animal Hospital. From the moment you walk in the door to the detailed explanation of what is going on is great! Dr. Luebbring has been awesome at calling me each night to check on Bailey and I feel great knowing that it wasn't cancer! Seems like Bailey girl will be just fine once she's healed!

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