Friday, December 21, 2012

Columbia Star Dinner Train

December 8, 2012 ~ We decided to do something a little different for our company Christmas dinner and booked with the Columbia Star Dinner Train in Columbia, MO! We wanted to have a unique experience and thought with Christmas so close we would get to see lights from the houses that we passed on our way.

We met at the train yard at 6:30 pm, got our boarding passes and headed on the train shortly after. (There were a ton of people and later that evening we found that they were completely sold out and had 217 passengers on 4 train cars!)

It was fun and certainly an entertaining experience!

Everyone started with some shrimp cocktail
(not me... as you know I don't eat anything that stays in the water longer than I take a shower!
Which means no seafood!)
They then brought out this little number....
(As a picky eater you can imagine I wouldn't eat this goat cheese creation.)
Then they brought out this Tomato Bisque (I did try it!)

As you can imagine I was starving by the time they brought out the prime rib. No picture but it was AWESOME! Perfectly tender and a nice chunk of meat!

Then it was time for dessert! This was different but not bad. It's so tough being such a picky eater because you are limited to things you will try. It was fun and I encourage everyone to take at least one train ride with dinner to say you have done it!

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