Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 Winter Card Contest ~ Midway Heights Elementary

December 4, 2012 ~ On of the best parts of being a Partner in Education is the adorable little faces of the students as you walk into the building! Those little smiles sure know how to brighten my day! I am super lucky to have an amazing Partner in Education co-pilot, Tanya Alberty with D&H Drugstore to have fun with on this super fun journey!

This year marks our 3rd year for the Winter Card Contest. So what does that mean? Well each year we have all the students participate in art class (huge thank you to our awesome art teacher) by submitting a winter card. The rules are they have to complete the artwork in school and not allowed to take it home and they have to get creative! The students all had a lot of fun as there were so many great winter cards it was hard to choose from!

There is a winner from each grade level and then one over-all winner for the school. Each of the winners get to have a pizza party with the Partners in Education at the school which we did this afternoon! The winners also received an awesome bag with art supplies and the over-all winner received some additional art supplies as well as their card was featured on our holiday cards for our respective businesses!

We are so lucky to have some amazingly talented students at Midway Heights and each one of these kiddos deserve a huge high five for participating! Midway Heights Elementary is a great little school and one I am proud to be involved in!

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