Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

November 23, 2013 ~ My nephew Jaxon spent the night with Aunt Shell and Uncle Brandon so that we could make some crafts for Granny, Papa, his momma and his daddy for Christmas. (Boy was in in for a surprise painting with an almost 3 year old... we had paint everywhere!) While I was getting things cleaned up he found a book and started reading....
I totally got busted taking his picture! 
Seriously... how could this little guy not brighten your smile!?
He saw me put the camera down and start cleaning again....
Jaxon is finally getting adjusted to Bailey and Mattie
He called Bailey "the big one" and wanted to play with her
Then he wanted to hold "the little one" (aka Mattie)
Mattie didn't want to be held but was checking Jaxon out
Bailey loves playing ball. She couldn't wait for Jaxon to throw the ball for her!
Mattie totally photo bombed Bailey's photo shoot! Ha! 
 Mattie Mae still gets around pretty darn good for 16 years old but she isn't so sure about Jaxon! (She has out lived Max by 2 years!)
Getting these two girls in the same photo is something that doesn't happen often. I had to hold a treat up and take a quick picture before Mattie started jumping up and down as if to say "Give me the darn treat and enough with the photos already"!
We got Jaxon cleaned up and headed to Granny and Papa's house! Granny was going to teach Jaxon how to play the match game....
You see... the little turkey didn't understand that you have to take turns so basically Granny didn't get to play and Jaxon won! That kid is something else!

Next up was craft time with Jaxon's mommy!
Jaxon is very independent (wonder where he gets that) and likes to do things himself...
 He was actually doing pretty good tracing the lines on his snowman!
Now we all knew this seemed to perfect....
 Yep this is more Jaxon's style!
Jaxon and mommy are drawing noses on the snowman...
He was pretty proud!
In deep conversation with his mommy...
Our two little south paws.....
Jaxon's finished snowman!
You know it's easy to work up an appetite after games and crafts and you know it's serious business when you have to put Papa's old hard hat on!
Then we show everyone how we play baseball!

Dinner time y'all!
(If you're smart you don't miss momma's good cookin'!)

Please note: The following pictures will make you super hungry!
You've been warned!
Momma's wilted lettuce....
Momma's homemade dressing...
Noodles... (not homemade but I do love them!)
Bubby decided to be my little Vanna White and help present the food for pictures...
He's so silly!
Brown sugar baby carrots....
Good ol' taters and green beans...
Gotta have good ol' ham...
a little gravy...
mashed taters.... (we love taters)
a little turkey for the turkey lovers...
and rolls... I love hot buttery rolls!

After dinner we take photos!
Our big happy family!
Granny and Papa with Jaxon...
Jaxon's momma is the baby....
She might be just a little big for their laps! Ha!

The Adam's Family!
(Greg, Jaxon and Ashley)
The Spry's!
The Daly Girls!
(Stephanie and Aunt Judy)
(Justin... Stephanie's man, was too shy for a picture!)

At the end of the day we all like to go pantless and wear our boots! Ha!
Jaxon cracks us up! He's so funny and keeps us laughing... We sure love this kiddo!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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