Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Orleans, LA ~ Day 4

April 13, 2013 ~ This was our last full day in New Orleans and we've had a lot of fun! We decided to hop on a open top bus and see some of the different areas they we may not have seen during our stay. It was a beautiful day and the sun felt good along with sitting down for a little while as our legs have covered a lot of ground since arriving!

 We stayed on the bus until we got to the Garden District. We decided to grab some lunch at a little place called Tracy's! It was a great little Irish pub! 
Not sure if there is something symbolic about the umbrellas but it was really cool to see all the neat things around this place. Loved the atmosphere for sure!

Not sure if you can see these or not but I loved seeing the all the beads in the trees! I guess it's safe to say New Orleans loves to party! 
Loved seeing some of the old trollies! 
We decided to check out Mardi Gras World! 
These are just a few of the really awesome realistic floats they have for the Mardi Gras parade! If you get a chance to go to New Orleans you need to stop by and see this place!

 This was a great memorial remembering those from Hurricane Katrina.

It was finally time.... time to go to the main event of this entire vacation... George Strait!

We attended a special VIP Pre-Party where they served us roast beef sandwich, veggies and dips, red beans and rice and dessert! We got to see some of the stuff George takes on tour with him which was pretty cool to see. (Script signed by George for his movie, Hall of Fame stuff and Entertainer of the Year Awards)

Martina McBride was awesome! Love hearing her in concert!

Next up was King George! We scored front row seats and during the whole concert you stood up against the railing so you could be within an arms length away from him!

He was awesome! We had seen him 3 other times in concerts but this was even better! He was great with the crowd telling him little stories and sang 2 songs at one microphone and move to the next one. He was really good... but after all it is George!

What was really cool was to see these people get a new home from George Strait! He just came out of the military and has PTSD and couldn't find work. George and this other gentleman (can't remember his name...sorry) gave them a home, has an option for 2 different jobs making between $50,000-$100,000.00, Walmart gave them groceries for a year and they received a flat screen TV. Pretty awesome to see this happen to someone who is very deserving! Congratulations!

George was awesome... and let you take his picture!

My Aunt Judy, cousin Stephanie and her boyfriend Justin were sitting in the front row of the next section behind us! Awesome seats for sure!

He really had a good time and you could tell!

Martina McBride came out to sing a couple songs with George....


If you click on this link you will see a YouTube video that someone else uploaded of George and Martina singing "Jackson". If you look over George's left shoulder you will see Brandon and I! You will also see me taking a picture of them and the picture up above of George and Martina is the one I was taking! How cool is that! They sang one of my favorite songs "Golden Rings" too! Wish they could have sang that in front of us! Oh well... Brandon and I belted it out with them!

What a great concert and one we will remember for years to come! We had never been to New Orleans or even to Louisiana and thought this would be a perfect trip to see someone we both love and experience a great state! Thank you NOLA for all of your hospitality and laughter!

With our tickets we each got a George Strait signed guitar. Of course we couldn't take them on the plane with us but our hotel was happy to help us ship them home! Love these!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! We are planning a trip to Boston for the same thing. Unfortunately we are late to the party and the Troubadour pkg is sold out, but there is another pkg. with the pre-party option. Was wondering if it was worth it or not?