Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Orleans, LA ~ Day 2

April 11, 2013 ~ It was going to be a rainy day in New Orleans so we decided to hop in our rental car and head to Biloxi, Mississippi to see the Gulf! We were excited to go to a state we haven't been to and it was a great day for a drive! The storm was moving East and we would be able to see the Gulf before the storm hit.

My Aunt Judy is always tired and around us on vacation you can't be tired so I got her hooked on Red Bull! Not sure they helped her but she seemed to have a little more pep in her step! 

 Of course I made them stop by the "Welcome to Mississippi" sign to verify our stop there!

It was super windy as the storm was trying to blow in. We all got to dip our feet into the water and got a few pictures!

We then drove further down to find something to eat. We thought this little place seemed perfect! It was really good and I had chicken strips! As we sat and ate we got the hair-brained idea to head over to Mobile, Alabama to check out the USS Alabama. (Since we got to tour this on one of our Veterans Virtual Tours I really wanted to see it)

Before we headed to Alabama, Justin wanted to take a quick dip in the Gulf so we stopped by a little shop to find some trunks and t-shirts. We all did a little shopping and then headed closer to Alabama so Justin could take a quick dip!

The winds really started to pick up and these guys were wind surfing. They were crazy as the winds would pick them up and take them for a ways in the water. It was fun watching them and I can't imagine the strength in their upper body to hold on!

While Justin played in the water we decided to write our names in the sand! Memories being made!

We had to stop and take a picture in front of the "Welcome to Alabama" sign!

We finally made it to the USS Alabama! What a massive battleship! We couldn't wait to tour it!

When we entered the gift shop/entrance it was sprinkling outside and we knew the storm would soon be here. We met a wonderful guy who was doing a book signing. This is Col. Glenn D. Frazier author of "Hell's Guest". Of course because he is a veteran and an author I needed to have a copy of his book! He said they are making a movie of his story... how cool is that! (They had another book that was signed by Sid Phillips and his book was titled "You'll be Sor-ree!")

We finally boarded the ship and it was amazing to see what a huge ship it was! It was really interesting to see how it operated/looked back when it was in operation. Not sure I could be on that thing for fear of getting lost!

When we were ready to leave it was pouring down rain! They made the final call on the loud speaker that the USS Alabama would be closing in 15 minutes. We were waiting for a break in the rain to run to the car. Needless to say we were all soaked by the time we made it from the ship to the car!

We drove back to New Orleans and once we got out of Alabama the skies cleared up. Of course I made Brandon stop to get a picture of the "Welcome to Louisiana" sign! It was too dark to get out of the car to take a picture with it and we pulled over on the highway.... long enough for a quick picture and that's all!

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