Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII

February 3, 2013 ~ Well it's that time of year that many have waited for.....Super Bowl! Brandon and I weren't going to any parties but we wanted to watch the Super Bowl at home. I was excited to cheer on the 49er's because Sarah Dubbert's brother, Justin Smith, was playing in the Super Bowl. (I met Sarah back in Leadership Columbia in 2010 and we connected right away and have since went through Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge in 2012) I really was excited to see the commercials! My favorite are as follows.....

"God Made A Farmer"
Chrysler Ram Commercial
(click on above link to watch)

"Brotherhood" ~ Extended Version
Budweiser Commercial
(click on above link to watch)

"Coming Home"
Jeep Commercial
(click on above link to watch)

"Viva Young"
Taco Bell Commercial
(click on above link to watch)

I'll have to be honest.... I wasn't a fan of the half time show. Don't get me wrong... Beyonce is beautiful, amazing and talented but I wanted to hear more of her voice and less of the dancing all around. (I know many of you enjoyed it.... sorry for being honest!)

It was crazy when the lights went out. It's what the 49er's needed to re-group however it wasn't enough. I will have to say the Ravens played well and deserved the win. Awesome these two teams had the opportunity to play and what a great thing for the brother coaches. 49er's I was rootin' for you until the very end.... Dang!

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