Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Retirement Day Momma!

February 1, 2013 ~ Well today is a special milestone for my momma.... today she retires! She has worked at Cornerstone Insurance for 15 years and it was certainly a bittersweet day. She is excited to be able to stay home and piddle in the yard and around the house and have the ability to go anywhere she wants to go but she is going to miss many of the people she worked with.

Dad isn't going to retire until February 22nd (he turns 62 the next day) so mom is going to take advantage of relaxing and doing a few things she wants to do before dad is home full time! Starting in March she is going to watch Jaxon 2 days a week.... Don't think he's going to be spoiled at Granny and Papa's house do ya??

It will be nice to have them around all the time however I have a feeling they'll take a few rides in the country once the "new" of retirement wears off! At least Spring is coming so they can get outside and enjoy!

Congratulations momma.... you have worked very hard and now it's time for you to do whatever you want! Hey what's for lunch today in Momma's Kitchen? (Just kidding!) Love you mom!

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