Friday, March 25, 2011


Saturday March 19, 2011 ~ My Aunt Janie, cousin Janya and cousin Jimi (pictured above) all love to sing karaoke and they are really good at it too! They decided to come out to mom and dad's shop (aka: The Hammered Hog) and have a karaoke night. It was so much fun! There was only about 25 of us but we partied until 3:30 am! Mom fixed chili and had sandwiches and some of the others brought some snacks and of course dad's fridge was full of beverages!  
My cousin Jayna wasn't shy to get up and sing several numbers for us. She also provided some great entertainment and kept the party happenin'!
Kim, one of our employees, was no stranger to singing karaoke either and was quick to sing a favorite tune "Statue of A Fool" which he does a great job at.
Everyone had a good time! Heck good food, good company and good music.... what else could you ask for?
Todd loved the food!
Nate was having a little fun too! 
Even my daddy (guy on the left) tried to help sing back up! (Anyone that knows Jimmy Crews... he doesn't sing so this was something that he tried and had fun!)
Dad was getting a little help from Spanky.... (They were singing "I am a man of consent sorrow")
My Aunt Janie sounds just like Loretta Lynn and she has a lot of fun singing and entertaining! 
The top picture cracks me up! It's like Matt is trying to get his thoughts together before belting out the tunes! Look at those great back up singers! 
Yep that's me! Now please note that I can't carry a tune in a bucket but I figured that everyone else was having fun and almost everyone was drinking adult beverages and it would be OK..... No worries friends.... no music career here! I'll stick to what I know which isn't much! Ha!
My cousin Jimi rocked singing "Purple Rain" and sounded just like Prince!
Aunt Judy, Brandon & Momma were enjoying listening to everyone!
My crazy cousin Jayna decided she needed to be dramatic when Michelle was singing "Like a Virgin". Jayna you ain't right girl! 
All in all  I think dad had a really good time. Of course anytime you are around friends and family it's pretty much a good time! I wish dad had sang "I'm pretty good at drinkin' beer" as it should be his theme song! Thank you to everyone for coming out and partying with us crazy people..... We'll do it again soon! 

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