Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jaxon's 1 month old!

Saturday March 19, 2011 ~ My little nephew Jackson is a month old already! He is getting so big! My friend, Heather Stewart, came over to snap a few photos of him along with her girls. He was not in a mood to have his picture taken. (He better like a camera pointed at him all the time with Aunt Shell around!)
This was one of the few minutes little man was asleep. I just love watching him sleep. Just look at those little hands! So cute! I can't wait for him to wrap them around my neck when he gets excited to see Aunt Shell!
We didn't have time to button his little shirt up but I still think he's handsome! His little Levi's were adorable... just wished I could have gotten some cowboy boots on him! (Don't worry Jaxon, Aunt Shell will take you shopping at Larry's Boots and get you some new kicks)
Doesn't he look so peaceful? I just love those chubby little cheeks! He is such a sweet baby!
Aren't little baby feet just the sweetest thing? 
I'm pretty sure that he was fussy because he wanted Aunt Shell to hold him a little longer (well I think he really wanted his mommy to feed him but Aunt Shell holding him sounds better) 
Bubby your Aunt Shell loves you so much! :)

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