Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tiger Quarter Back Club Fashion Show!

Last month Brandon & I joined the Tiger Quarter Back Club. Last night was the Fashion Show featuring the coaches wives all decked out in Black and Gold! It was a lot of fun and what a great event! I went with Nancy Fay (who I just love) and we had a great time! Chuck Everitt was there (he bleeds black and gold) selling raffle tickets. I purchased 12 tickets (6 for $5) and .......
I won 3 raffle items! I won a Mary Kay spa set which included a soft bath robe, super soft (all matching) neck wrap, eye mask, socks and a carry all bag in Mary Kay pink, foot tub and pedicure set (foot soak, foot balm, and foot scrubs)! I also won a really nice blanket with Columbia embroidered on it and the last item I won was a recyclable shopping bag, emergency accident kit with a disposable camera, flashlight with extra batteries, pen and notepad, tape measure and a whistle, a small travel cooler and a Black & Gold car wash from Tiger Express! I was super excited! Go Tigers! :)

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