Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My father-in-law at the Cardinals / Cubs game 9-14-2010

This is a video clip of my father-in-law, Lonnie Spry, and a guy from Arkansas playing the "Cat Fight" trivia contest at Busch Stadium during the Cardinals / Cubs game on September 14, 2010. We had tickets to the Champions Club and they came in to see if they could get anyone to play. I told them "My father-in-law would love to play!" (The stuff I get people into!) He did really good and even won! I was so proud of him. This was on TV for the pre-game show and everyone at Murry's watched (my mother-in-law, Francie, is the bartender there) and he was so embarrassed! We had a great time but wish the Cardinals had won :(

 Lonnie with Scott Mellanby Assistant Coach for the St. Louis Blues with his son Kurt.

Lonnie with Dennis Phillips, Professional Poker Champ

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