Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hello November!

November 1, 2014 ~ Happy November 1st! It's hard to believe that in another 60 days 2014 will be over and done. I know I keep saying this but seriously where does time go? I remember waking up January 1, 2014 and thinking this was going to be a great year filled with adventures, memories and fun and somehow it's just around the corner that I reflect on this past year. 

This year has certainly been full of adventure, memories and fun! A goal for 2014 was to see 14 states that Brandon and I have never been to. (My overall goal is to see all of the United States by the time we turn 40... that's just 2 short years away and after the 14 from this year we have 19 states left to see!) We have decided to live a little and do traveling while we can and make memories... I mean we aren't getting any younger and we are both willing and able to work to pay for our trips and we don't know what the future will hold because frankly, we do live in a crazy world that it may not be safe to travel one day or we could be sick and not be able to travel. I want to see and do so many things while we have the opportunity plus I enjoy experiencing our travels and creating wonderful memories with Brandon!
A couple weeks ago I found myself getting my growing and ever so long to-do list knocked out. (You know, those list of things that you put off until you just can't put them off anymore... yep that list!) I felt like I all the stars were aligning and it was amazing how easy it was to cross things off my list and getting my stress levels down..... you know, finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel! I finally made a choice that I need to chill out, relax, take things day by day and not worry about the little things and get back to the things I enjoy. With our busy schedule I have missed the small things such as writing notes to friends, recognizing accomplishments of others, attending events and my blog. 

My blog was a great tool for me to tell a story. Several have asked me what's the difference between my Facebook and my blog. My Facebook page is a place to keep up with daily life, check-in, share pictures and tell small stories. It allows my "friends" to see a glimpse into my life yet as much as you all may think I tell you everything I really don't.  My blog on the other hand is a much deeper look into my life and I like to (hopefully) give the reader a much better sense of why I am passionate about something or tell a story using pictures to help me describe something. For me, when I create a blog post I am, in a sense, talking directly to you. I am including you in a conversation that captures what I see, hear and feel. I'm ready to get back to writing on my blog but before I could do this I had to let go. You see, I have a tad bit of OCD. It drives me crazy to see such a large span of time since my last blog post. In fact it drives me crazy! I have so much to tell you about but if I really took the time to tell you the stories that are marked on my calendar I would never get caught up. So I have decided to pick up with November 1, 2014 and start my blog posts again. I will get to recap with you soon enough about the things that I experienced, where I went and all that fun stuff. 

So today is a new day! Today I start fresh and get back to the things I enjoy! Happy November 1st y'all... We've got a lot to be thankful for and I'm baaaaack!!!! {insert big ol' smile here}

Happy 13th Birthday Midway Electric, Inc.!

It's hard to believe that 13 years ago on November 1, 2001 we opened the door on a dream and turned it into a reality. We were two crazy kids that knew what we wanted to do (own a business) with high school diplomas in hand and when the opportunity knocked we took a chance and haven't looked back! I can't even tell you what a wild-not-always-easy-but-it-has-been-fun adventure these 13 years have been. The dedication of so many employees, our loyal customers and our supportive family and friends have allowed us to grow our business to where it is today and for that we are very thankful. 

Here's to the next 13 years!

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