Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Big Red Barn - Rebecca & Cory's Wedding!

May 3, 2014 ~ Today was a very special day. It was the wedding day of Rebecca McMahan and Cory Jandro and this special event would be held at The Big Red Barn! It's hard to believe this little girl that was my train bearer in our wedding nearly 17 years ago would be getting married today. I have known Rebecca's parents, Mike and Pam McMahan for many years as they are friends of the family. I kept my fingers crossed for good weather as you never know what kind of weather you might get in Missouri! Thank goodness that you couldn't have asked for a better day and everything including the wedding was absolutely perfect!

Her decorations were simple and sweet. 
She loves birds and it was perfect to have birdhouses that they made to tie in with the decorations!

Her cake was a "naked cake" that doesn't have icing covering the whole outside.
I loved this idea and had never heard of it before!
Loved the girls flowers too!

The groomsmen and family came to get the hay bales set out for the wedding

while Rebecca watched from up above!

 Everything looked great against the red barn!
I found the old door at a flea market and dad cut me a piece of wood so I could paint with chalk board paint to use as part of the decorations! It looked great with Rebecca's theme!

I really loved how everything turned out around the actual ceremony spot!
The hay bails was such a great idea (since the ground was slightly uneven) and the wood with bouquets sitting on top of them brought made a great addition!

This has to be my favorite picture taken by Rebecca's aunt Terri Belcher!
Love! Love! Love!

Photo credit: Terri Belcher

 Rebecca was a beautiful bride!

 A couple fun pictures with her bridesmaids!

A fun picture with the groom and his groomsmen!
Photo Credit: Terri Belcher

During the wedding ceremony I perched on our scissor lift to capture the wedding from a slightly different angle..... Here comes the bride!
I love Cory's face when he see's Rebecca!
(The Arbor was built by the groom just for their wedding!)

Once the wedding was over we wanted to take a picture of everyone that came to the wedding (I've never really seen this done before and thought it would be a great photo) and capture the newly wed couple!

One of the coolest things I have seen at weddings is when the couple personally thanks each person attending by releasing each person row by row. As each row was released everyone made a row from the hay bales to the barn and when they got to everyone their friends and family threw bird seed on them as they made their way to the barn!
In Missouri you never know what kind of weather you might get when planning an outdoor wedding however it was truly a perfect day for this special couple!

Mr. and Mrs. Cory Jandro with their wedding party!
Photo Credit: Terri Belcher

What a cute bride and groom!
Photo Credit: Terri Belcher

Rebecca and Cory....
It's hard to believe almost 17 years ago you were the most adorable little girl all dressed up to help make our wedding day so special and today you are the most beautiful bride! Your wedding was perfect and I wish you two nothing but the best as you begin your life together as husband and wife. You both are amazing people and from the laughter and the smiles I could tell that you are truly meant to be together for a lifetime. I hope you enjoyed your special day and I am glad we could host this special event at The Big Red Barn!
Love you both-
Brandon and Michele

Please Note:
The Big Red Barn is NOT for rent. This was something we built for our own personal use and allowed a very special couple to have their wedding here as our wedding gift to them.

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