Monday, January 7, 2013

Jaxon and his Papa

January 7, 2013 ~ My adorable (yet almost grown) little nephew, Jaxon loves coming out to Granny and Papa Crews' house. I think he likes it because he's spoiled. Seriously he gets everything he wants.... He wasn't feeling good tonight but my sister, Ashley made dinner and brought it out to mom and dads on her day off! (She's a really good cook) So Jaxon played with Granny and Papa for a little while. They played at the shop with his little John Deere Gator and watched Papa work on his truck. Ashley had fixed Jaxon's plate and when dad came into the room he pointed for dad to sit at his table.... so like a good Papa my dad sat down with him. It was so sweet! They didn't stay at the table long before we all sat down at the big table with Jaxon between Granny and Papa.... I think he was in heaven! Don't tell anyone but I think that little guy has us all wrapped around his little finger!

Buddies for ever!

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