Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fundraising for a great cause ~ Central Missouri Honor Flight

October 2, 2012 ~ Those of you that know me realize that I am not a selfish person. In fact I am all about paying it forward and doing things for others so that they may enjoy a slice of the "good life". The "good life" to me means to be happy, loved and appreciated. Everyone should be able to enjoy the "good life" each and everyday.

I really love young kids as they are candid when they talk to you and some of the stuff they come up with keeps you laughing. I also really enjoy older adults. They often times get pushed to the side and never really get a lot of attention paid to them. They are taken for granted more than appreciated most of the time. They are full of stories that I love to hear. Our veterans are no different. I really enjoy and appreciate the stories our veterans are willing to tell. I think it surprises them that someone younger is really genuinely interested in their life and if I didn't have to work or worry about money I would volunteer to help with our aging adults. We don't realize the wealth of knowledge we have available to us.

I have been working on a little project for a few months and I am finally ready to fill you guys/gals in! I have made it a personal challenge to try and raise $10,000.00 for the Central Missouri Honor Flight here in Columbia, MO. I have been working to get donations from various organizations and so far I have received many great items to get a great start at this large goal. I have been working with Jeff City Correctional Center through the restorative justice program to receive donations and a local artist, Lawrence L'Hote has also given 11 pieces of art he has designed. I will continue to work on additional donations and in the near future figure out a way to sell/auction these items off with 100% of proceeds going strait to Central Missouri Honor Flight.

We are loosing our WWII Veterans at a rapid rate and I believe they need to see their memorial in Washington, D.C. if they are able to travel. It's something they deserve to do and one that takes money to fund. I will work directly with the Central Missouri Honor Flight to coordinate the series of events that need to take place so that we can raise the funds under their guidelines. Here's some of the items I have received (this is not everything but rather a few items of the 65+ items I have received so far).

If you have something that you would like to donate to directly benefit the Central Missouri Honor Flight here in Columbia, MO please let me know and I will make arrangements to get the item(s) from you. This really is a wonderful organization that makes it possible for our veterans to see their memorial in Washington, D.C.

It costs about $300 per veteran to see their memorial. If we could raise $10,000.00 that would allow 33 veterans to go on this amazing trip. Thank you!

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  1. I know it’s been a while now, but I’m sure that those who benefited from your cause greatly appreciated your kindness. Fundraising can be a bit of challenge, especially if you have no idea who you’re going to partner with. But you managed to do it without exerting a huge amount of effort. Thanks for sharing your experience! It was certainly inspiring,

    Norman Watkins @ Giving Works