Monday, October 22, 2012

Photo Walk in Columbia, MO!

October 13, 2012 ~ It's funny how your taste for things change as you get older. I was always one that loved summer but now I am beginning to love fall! I now have a little more time to take in the beautiful view that mother nature gives us and today my girl, Shelly DeVore and I sat out on yet another photo walk in downtown Columbia, MO!
This tree in Peace Park on the University of Missouri campus was stunning! The colors were vibrant and beautiful. All the other trees were somewhat still pretty green and this one was really about the only one that had lots of color.
I think this would have been a perfect spot to do some cute family photos or fall engagement pictures! Shelly and I started our walk here and ended here....
This is my little shutter-fly friend, Shelly! I can't wait to see how her pictures turn out... this girl was getting all creative and stuff... you know... all artsy fartsy!
This was a really cool picture... Shelly and I stopped to take some pictures of flowers when she pointed this perfect little heart! Awww.... look at it! We had a lot of fun and want to create our own photo walks in other towns.... only problem... finding time! Guess we'll have to pencil in some girl time this spring!

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