Friday, August 13, 2010

Several might not know what is so let me explain! Rusty Brett and his team wanted to create a place where you could "noodle" businesses to find out more information about who they are and what they do. When you go to the phone book you look in a certain section, such as electric or security, and you see the display ads. Some are more detailed than others but do you really know any more about the company and who they are? We jumped on board with this idea so that customers and other vendors could "noodle" other businesses to find out what they do. Midway Electric, Inc and Midway CSI are both listed in the top 5 of electric and security categories and both have detailed pages that tell a little about us and the services we offer. We are asking anyone that knows us or has had service provided by us to please log on to create a user name and password and then go to Midway Electric, Inc. and Midway CSI and leave a recommendation (last tab under our name) so that others know what type of people they are working with if you use our company. I would really appreciate this! For all of your needs please check out!

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