Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

What a wonderful birthday this has turned out to be! When I got to work there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my desk (from my momma) and Brandon and Kim (we call him our son .... he is our other Master Electrician and lives up here during the week and goes home to Sullivan, MO on the weekends) went to town to get birthday cards and stopped by my Starbuck's to get my favorite drink (since I don't drink coffee) which is a Venti whole milk 5-pump of vanilla hot chocolate and a piece of pumpkin loaf! The girls at the window know me and didn't even charge Brandon for my drink! Now that's pretty cool! Wayne & Frank Washburn took me to Olive Garden for lunch which was really good! When I got back to the office I had a second bouquet of flowers from Greg, Jill & Kinly Greening! What a nice surprise! I also had 2 more cards and one of them had a really nice gift card to Riversong Spa in it! Sa-weet! I got a yummy bag of Cocktail Classic Jelly Belly's and a couple of more really nice cards. So far I have had about 150 facebook birthday wishes which really made my day! It's the little things in life ya know! I am so thankful for a wonderful husband as well as my amazing family and friends.... You guys know how to make a girl smile! :)

Friends that share the same birthday: Chuck Everitt, Heather Dimitt, Hiromi McCumber, Shirley Bogart, Jenn Bloss (my hairdresser), Glenn Mertens, Richard Quiroz (Andrea Jira's dad), Jack Stubbs..... AND only one person that I have met in my 34 years that shares a birthday EXACTLY (same day and year) is Kara Barker!

Famous people that share my birthday: Wes Craven (Nightmare on Elm Street), Judge Lance Ito (OJ Simpson Judge), Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster), Carroll O'Connor (Archie Bunker), Brian France (Chairman and CEO of NASCAR), Max Wright (Willie Tanner, dad on ALF), Jack Warner (co-founder of Warner Bros), Victoria Jackson (Saturday Night Live) and Hulk Hogan (wrestling)

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