Friday, August 13, 2010

500 points.... 1/2 way there!

As an Ambassador we get to meet some really neat people and learn about them and their businesses. When I became an Ambassador on July 1, 2008 I was so excited! What a great group of people would wear gold jackets and network! One of the big things was to get 1,000 ribbon cutting points and you would have a tree planted anywhere in Columbia in your honor. Within the first month I had made a goal.... my goal was to have my first tree within 5 years of being an Ambassador. I have been an Ambassador for 2 years and a little over a month and yesterday I reached my half way mark... 500 points! My next goal is to get my 1,000 points during my chair as an Ambassador which is next year for the 2011-2012 year. It has been really crazy because we have had over 150 ribbon cuttings last year and expect to have more than that this year. (The 12 other Ambassadors that have trees have worked really hard for many years to get 1,000 points to get their tree and now we have so many ribbon cuttings you can get one in no time!) Keep cheering me on as I work hard to have this tree in 4 years instead of 5! Where will my tree be planted when I get it? Midway Heights Elementary School :)

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