Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Have Submitted My 2nd Children's Book!

March 30, 2016 ~ I have always wanted to write a book. I crossed that off my bucket list in 2013 when I self-published "Tom T's Hat Rack".  I had a vision and wrote this book using a good friend, Tom Trabue, as one of my main characters. Tom was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and I just felt inspired to write. Luckily Tom would become cancer-free and still is today!

I have learned a lot in the past few years. Specifically about writing. While I still only have a high school diploma I do have a passion for telling stories. I enjoy telling stories through pictures and if you follow my blog you get a sense of what I mean. With my first book the idea, characters and words just started coming out as I sat in my hotel room in Montrose, Colorado and in 7 days I had written "Tom T's Hat Rack". I knew this book wasn't perfect however it's exactly the story that I wanted to tell. 

Looking back on those past few years I realize that the book could have used some additional help but in all honesty it was me. Listening to many of the comments from people all over the world who read my book including friends, family and reviewers it seemed that my character Shelby Summers was just too perfect. Honestly, this little girl didn't have anything in her life to be upset or sad with as she was surrounded by people she loved and didn't need much more than that. However, I understood what they were saying. 

After the release of my first book I had a goal to write another 3 books. While this seems crazy and fun at the same time I am proud to announce that I have signed my contract to self-publish my 2nd children's book! 

After nearly a year of working hard on this book I felt like it was more descriptive and just felt good. It took longer on this book because I was searching for a specific character to fill a key spot in this story. I wracked my brain about who might fill this spot and one day he walked through our office door. While I won't give away too many details as we are in the first part of editing I will tell you that he agreed to sit down with me, in his home, and tell me his story. He and his wife are wonderful people and in the coming weeks I will give you a little more detail. 

The past several weeks have been extremely stressful as I have been trying to finish this book to submit by this afternoon in order to hit a specific release date! I know it hasn't been easy with me as my family (and our office) have felt the craziness of my pressure and stress. Finally this afternoon I felt like a huge weight as been lifted off my shoulders - even if it's only for a week until it's my turn to do some editing on the book when I receive it back!  

I am happy to say that I am working with Kim (she is with the same company that did my first book) and Peggy A. Guest has agreed to be my illustrator for this book as well! I am super excited (and a little nervous) to see the final book and share it with you all!

I received this e-mail from Kim late this afternoon (waiting for me when I opened my e-mail on March 31, 2016) and I couldn't help but smile.

Michele -
This draft looks MUCH better than the first draft on Tom T! You may not realize it, but you’ve absorbed quite a lot of “authoring” goodness over the years. Kudos!
Blessings, Kim

Has writing a book been a dream of yours? 
Well what are you waiting for? Start writing it as there are plenty of options to self-publishing your own book available all around you. If I can write a book so can you! 
Follow your dreams and never give up!

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