Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Luke Bryan Concert

February 23, 2013 ~ I had purchased 4 tickets to the Luke Bryan concert from a fundraiser for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library through the United Way several months ago. (Well I had a friend of mine, Heather Stewart, bid on them for me because I couldn't be there that evening) So I was super excited to spend some time with some of my girls! (It was my dad's 62nd birthday and his retirement party so Brandon didn't want to go to the concert... seriously? Look at these hot chicks!)

We grabbed our tickets and I picked up one of my dates, Krissy, and headed to Mizzou Arena!
(Pretty good seats!)

 Me and Krissy!
(My rock star co-chair for Mizzou Ambassadors!)

Misty Lynn and I!
(My best friend!)

Me and Elizabeth!
(An awesome Women's Network Director!)

We had so much fun! If you could have seen how many dang pictures we tried to get of us crazy girls! The lighting was not right, my iPhone was jacked up and these are the best pictures I captured that evening! (No I wasn't drinking... well I did have a Rockstar and shew wee... that thing had me gigglin' and cuttin' up like crazy.... I better just stick with Red Bull next time!)

First up was Florida Georgia Line!

Next up was Thompson Square!

And now... Ladies and Gentleman...
We are ready to shake it for you....

Mr. Luke Bryan!
(Yep I totally stole this picture from Heather Stewart)

I'm pretty sure we were having fun.... oh and the concert was good too!
(Seriously y'all... we are at a country concert and there is girls with barely anything on and you didn't think we wouldn't talk a little! Duh!)

Such a great night and I got to see some of my awesome Chamber peeps!

Well sugars... the night didn't end there. Since it was my daddy's 62nd birthday and his "official" retirement was the day before we had a little gathering out at The Hammered Hog! (Think there was like 80 people there at one time) As soon as we got done with the concert and I took all the girls to their respective homes then I was about to have some fun! Gene and Shelly DeVore even came out and we laughed and sang karaoke until 4 AM! Our little tail feathers were draggin' I'm not even gonna lie, but dang it was so much fun! I think there was about 15 or 20 of us that closed the place down! February 23, 2013 will go in the books as one heck of a good time!

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