Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kansas City here we come!

March 2, 2013 ~ Since Brandon was gone to the St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training in Florida and I didn't have any plans, Krissy and I decided to head to Kansas City! I totally love spur of the moment ideas/trips and she wanted to get away from Columbia for the afternoon/evening so we jumped in the car and headed west! Look out Kansas City... country is coming to town!

We had to stop by Kleinschmidt's Western Store in Higginsville, MO!
(seriously... how could a girl pass it up)
I don't own a pair of black cowboy boots (yes I know it's hard to believe)
so I found these ol' girls on the clearance rack... woo hoo! 
(I call these my Mizzou boots... with their black and gold)

Krissy wanted to introduce me to World Market!
It was a pretty cool store and I found several neat things! I am collecting cool wine bottles... not really sure why since I don't drink wine but I found 5 cool bottles along with some kitchen stuff.

We were getting a little hungry so we went to an awesome place for some steak!
(We learned about this place from some friends just a month ago!)
I love seeing the plaza at night but sad most of the stores close at 7 pm.

Seriously we were stuffed however this trip wasn't going to be complete without this!
The Chocolate Bag dessert! Oh My Goodness!

After dinner Krissy introduced me to Trader Joe's! (Kind of funny because I am the one that usually is introducing her to new stuff and now she's taking me to places I've never been!)

Loved the flowers! The store was neat but just not my thing... but glad I went!

Then we headed down to the Power and Light District. Krissy had never been there before so we headed down there! We were going to go to a dueling piano bar but they wanted a cover charge and we knew we weren't going to stay long so we found "The Flying Saucer".

We sat at the bar and took in the night life! I am such a people watcher (and not someone that goes to bars) so I had fun watching everyone else!
It amazed me to see how many beers they had on tap there and that wall was full. (You are only seeing 1/2 of the beer wall) What I did like was the wall behind the beer pulls are all pennies....yes pennies! It was really cool and I would love to do something like this somewhere! 

We had a fun time and I do love random little trips but I will be glad for Brandon to come back home. 7 days is too long to be gone and look at all the fun he missed out on!

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