Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Las Vegas 2011

November 16, 2011 ~ It's always exciting when you get to leave for vacation. As a business owner we try really hard to get away from our business at least once a year and this year we took a Las Vegas trip! We took my mom (who had never been to Vegas) and my Aunt Judy (who has been before). We got really cheap tickets to stay at Aria at the new City Center and wanted to see a few shows. The main reason we were going was to see the Eagles perform their last concert of this year at MGM which was awesome! Everyone had a great time and we would get up each morning around 7 am and go to bed around 2 am... needless to say it was a blast but we were ready to get back home! On Thursday we were walking through Treasure Island and who was in front of us..... Willie Nelson! Of course if it's country we would find it! He was so nice and gladly took a few pictures with us and then took off before the crowd started figuring out who he was. It was a great trip and there is still more to see (yep we've been 4 times and still haven't seen everything yet).

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