Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2,000 Ambassador Points!

October 20, 2011 ~ Today was a special day.... Dan Scotten is one of the founding members of the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and today marked his 2,000 points. When an Ambassador reaches 1,000 points he/she is honored with a tree anywhere in Columbia that bears their name on it. Same goes for a 2,000 point tree. In the Spring of 2012 Dan will have a second tree dedicated in his honor. What is so cool about this is in early 2012 I will have my 1,000 points and will get my first tree. Dan and I have made a pack that he will dedicate my tree and I will dedicate his tree (since this is during my term as the Ambassador Chair) and it means a lot to me. Dan is a great guy who has done amazing things for our community and I am proud to call him a great friend. Congratulations Dan!

(This is his orginial Ambassador gold jacket and he always laughs at my "bling" (pins) on my jacket and for his 2,000 points he wanted his jacket to have the most "bling" ..... I love that guy! :)

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