Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday!

Well I swore I wasn't going to fight the crowd with Black Friday and I buckled! When I looked through the ads there wasn't a thing I wanted or needed (strange to not want something) and when I ran across the JoAnn's Fabric ad I saw that they had flannel fabric for $1.29 per yard. I was in heaven! I sew rag blankets and give as gifts to those having babies and flannel is expensive ($5.99 and up) so I saw a bargain and took advantage! I was at the store at 6:45 am got my cart loaded down (picture above) and waited in the first line.... the line to get the fabric cut. Finally at 8:30 am I was in the second line for check out! At 9:00 am I was walking out of the store and headed back to the shop! I was worn out! Who would have thought this store would have been cram packed with so many people! Well I purchased 143 yards of this flannel fabric and saved $672.00! That's huge!!! This was well worth the trip and there will be lots of babies that will stay warm! Looks like I should be set for a while! :)

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