Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 Leadership Columbia..... I graduated!

This year I had the opportunity to be apart of the Chamber of Commerce's 2010 Leadership Columbia with 29 other amazing people. This was  a 6 month intense program about Columbia. I have lived in Columbia (Midway) my whole life and I am still amazed at the things I never knew exsited. I have a much deeper appreciation for Social Services, Healthcare, Education, State & County Government, Arts & Rec, Ag & Life Sciences, Growth & Economy, and Media. Shawn Barnes and Shelly DeVore were the co-chairs this year and did a great job. Lexi Klaus filled in for Victoria Brees until she returned from having a baby and they both did a wonderful job. I know we are very lucky to have a Chamber of Commerce so strong in Columbia that supports it's members. Thank you to Piet Van Waarde from Woodcrest Church for being our guest speaker and giving each one of us a signed book titled "How the mighty fall and why some companies never give up" by Jim Collins. I am a little sad that this is all over but looking forward to staying connected with our class. Congrats 2010 Leadership Columbia! 

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