Monday, February 1, 2016

CT Scan Results.....

January 21, 2016 ~ As many of you know my momma was recently diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). Although they caught all of this super early, her doctor wanted to run a few more tests to see if there were anything inside her body that was flared up and needed attention so she had a CT Scan this morning.  Ashley, Pops and I went with her so we would be able to ask questions too. 

While the doctor did confirm that she in fact does have CLL her prognosis is awesome! The CT Scan showed that she does have a few swollen lymph nodes in her groin area and under her arms but nothing that was alarming or out of the ordinary for this time of year. (In fact he said we all probably have a few swollen lymph nodes as our body is always trying to fight off colds and stuff going around) He told us that momma would be just fine and luckily it's a very slow process and it won't be what kills her. He also stated if you had to have cancer this would be the kind he would want. 

So what does this mean? She will do routine blood work every 6 months and call Missouri Cancer Associates if she notices any large lymph nodes or gets really sick with fever or hospital stays. This was the news we really wanted to hear. There is nothing that she needs to do differently and he even said her walking is a good thing.... So I'm going to do my best to keep her little feet moving! Ha! 

Thank you all for the text messages, phone calls, e-mails and prayers. Cancer is something that is way to common and if you get out of this world without it then you are extremely lucky. Life is short but it's good to know that right now momma is not going anywhere soon and with an awesome support system from so many family and friends there isn't anything we can't get through.... 
Thank you all!

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