Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Soul Sister 7 Mile Virtual Run

August 27, 2015 ~ Tonight it was time to complete a 7 mile virtual run challenge. I talked my sister, Ashley and Jacki into completing this one. You know at the beginning it always seems like a great idea then about a couple miles in you wonder why in the world you signed up for 7 miles...

 Oh yeah... awesome race bling!

 We did this run/walk at Cosmo Park in Columbia, MO because Jacki and I needed to map out the course for a future run/walk. Pretty sure we know exactly which way is the easiest!
Oh and Jacki didn't push me down this time! Ha!

 I'm not going to say this was easy but it was worth it! The crazy thing is that Ashley and I used our phones (Map My Run App) and Jacki used her GPS watch... I am pretty sure she was laughing inside when her watch was a whole mile behind our phones but good ol' Michele sucked it up and ran...yes ran almost all of the extra mile with her! Now that's just down right crazy!

Point is that WE did this and we are alive to talk about it! Ha! 
Thank you ladies and it'll be a little while before we do another long run/walk! 

{insert high five here}

While this race is sold out you can view their current races here! 

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