Wednesday, April 1, 2015

St. Joe Run for the Gold 5k

March 28, 2015 ~ We ain't got time to be sleeping in sugars... we've got another 5k to complete! It may have been cold with snow flurries flying but when you are determined to stick to a goal you push forward! As you know my goal for 2015 is to complete 15 5k's and this would be my 4th for this year! (Of course I had to wrangle a couple friends to do this challenge too!)

When I left home at 6:15 AM it was snowing (flurries) pretty good but by the time I got to Moberly they had stopped. When Roni and I got to Salisbury, MO it was snowing (flurries) again! Luckily by the time the race started the snow flurries had disappeared!

The St. Joe Run for the Gold 5k is an annual event benefiting St. Joseph Home and School in Salisbury, MO! (Love the colors of their t-shirts)

All checked in and ready to get this cold one done! 
(You had the choice to run or walk but you had to choose one and couldn't do both)

We chose to walk this one and put as much power as we could into our frozen bodies to push forward! Our time wasn't anything special but we completed it! As we crossed the finish line we hooked arm in arm and crossed together as it didn't matter who was first, second or third but rather a team effort to cross that line! It was fun and it's always more motivating with friends! 

Final Time: 46:25:5

Thanks Roni, Deseray and Dillion!

One of my favorite quotes!

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